An automated lighting control system is a professionally installed system that controls lights in multiple rooms without use of manual switches.

Lighting control system consists of a device, typically an embedded processor or industrial computer, that controls electric lights for a building or residence. Lighting control systems usually include one or more keypads or touch panel interfaces. These interfaces allow users the ability to toggle power to lights and fans, dim lights, and program lighting levels.

A major advantage of a lighting control system over conventional lighting is the ability to control any device from any interface. For example, a master touch panel might allow the user the ability to control all lights in a building, not just a single room. In fact, any light might be controlled from any location.

In addition, lighting control systems provide the ability to automatically power a device based on programming events such as: Chronological time, Astronomical time, Room occupancy, Events, Alarm conditions, Program logic.

Chronological time is a time of day or offset from a time. Astronomical times includes sunrise, sunset, a day, or specific days in a month or year. Room occupancy might be determined with motion detectors. Events might include holidays or birthdays. Alarm conditions might include a door opening or motion detected in a protected area. Program logic can tie all of the above elements together using constructs such as if-then-else.

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An Automated lighting control system is a professionally installed system that controls lights in multiple rooms without use of manual switches.
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